In order to start the rent to own process you will need to complete our online application form below this will take you between 5 to 10 minutes.  Once you have submitted your application one of our team will be in touch once the forms have been received.


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  • You must be able to supply proof of income.

  • You must land to put your Ready Home on whether this is your own land, Maori land, leased land or family or friends land who have given you approval for a Ready Home.  You must supply an address for delivery of your Ready Home.

  • Terms and conditions apply

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    • Please give us names of three other people we can contact in the event we are unable to reach you, must reside at a different address from each other & yourself, they must be different from the next of kin listed above.

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    • I Understand that:
      Acceptance of this application does not necessarily mean that you will grant the credit applied for, and you many decline this application without giving any reason; and
      I may contact your Privacy Officer to request access to and correction of any information about me that you hold and you will supply to me on request the names and addresses of any agencies to whom you have disclosed information about me. Make all such enquiries about me and my financial affairs as you consider appropriate in relation to this application (and further enquiries in the future which may be necessary in connect with this application and any subsequent request for credit) an to disclose details of this application to any person for this purpose. I authorise any party approached by you to disclose such information to you; and disclose details of this application and of any resulting contract may result in the existence of that contract being noted on a public register.


      I Certify that:
      Where I have provided information in this application about any other person, that person has authorised me to disclose the information to you and to authorise you to use and disclose information in the same ways as if that person was an applicant;l and the information provided in this application is true, correct and complete, and no information that would be relevant to you in evaluating the application has been omitted. if any relevant changes occur between now and signing a credit agreement with you, I will disclose such changes to you immediately.


    • Filename
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        • If you cannot upload photo ID and proof of address please send to:

        Terms and Conditions

        THE PRIVACY ACT 1993. By accepting the terms and conditions: 1. I/We (being each person named above) understand that all personal information (“personal information”) UFinance (“you”) holds about me, whether now or in the future, will be used for any or all of the following purposes:

        • to process and assess any request for finance I have made with you now or in the future;

        • for the management, assessment or enforcement by you of any agreement and/or security I have with you;

        • to assess my credit worthiness and financial position from time to time;

        • to verify my identity as may be required from time to time by the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act 2009 and regulations (AML laws);

        • to collect any outstanding debt from me;

        • to offer me further finance;

        • to market your products and services and the products and services of your associated companies to me.


        2. I authorise you (for any of the purposes listed above) to:

        • make enquiries about me, disclose personal information to any third party and/or obtain information about me that you consider necessary from any third party (including but not limited to government departments, my employer, my landlord). In this regard I authorise any such third party to provide to you information about me that you consider necessary for such purposes;

        • in particular the inquiries from third parties that I have authorised above include:

        • accessing name and address information about me from the Motor Vehicle Register, even if I have previously advised the Motor Vehicle Register that I did not want that information to be disclosed;

        • making fines status queries about me to the Ministry of Justice. Where I have provided you with driver licence information for that purpose, I have done so voluntarily and understand that I am not obliged to do so.

        • disclose information about me (where required) to your insurers, potential assignees, credit rating and credit reporting agencies including disclosing default information to any credit reporting agency, such as Centrix (Centrix);

        • obtain from Centrix any information which it holds and which may assist you in verifying my identity as may be required by the AML laws;

        • use any of the information about me for the purposes of informing me from time to time about your products and services, and the products and services of your associated companies.

        3. I/We understand that I have the right to access and correct personal information held by you by contacting you.
        4. I/We understand that all information you provide to Centrix (including my default information) will be held by Centrix for its credit reporting service and Centrix may give such information to its customers who use its service, including customers to whom Centrix is permitted by law to disclose that information to assist them in verifying my identity as required by the AML laws. I also understand that I may access and correct the information held by Centrix by writing to Centrix at PO Box 62512, Greenlane, Auckland 1546.
        5. I/We declare that the information I have provided to you in any application for credit is correct and complete and I/We agree to immediately advise you of any change to any information contained in any such application.
        6. I/We understand that you reserve the right to decline any application for credit.
        7. I/We agree that personal information may be transmitted between ourselves or by you to any third party (for the purposes set out above) using facsimile and/or electronic mail.
        8. I/We acknowledge that there are security risks associated with the electronic transmission of information.
        I authorise any third party to provide my personal information to you for any of these purposes. I/We also authorise UFinance Ltd to disclose information about any loan arising out of this application to any potential assignee of this loan or to any person providing services in connection with refinancing this loan, or to any person or organisation you have authorised to obtain information, at any time in the future.
        I/We also understand that I/We have the right to access and correct personal information held about me/us in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993.
        1 This only applies to those credit providers who are entitled to participate in positive credit reporting.