The Couple

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45m2 of own home goodness. Complete with a monoptich roof to give it that finished “look” this Ready Home is just the ticket for young (or older) couples wanting to bust into their own home. Convince the folks or family or friends to let you stick it on their lawn while you save for your own piece of dirt.


Warm, Dry, Secure and AFFORDABLE starting at 95k


Adding a new element to Ready Homes is the “Roof”. Totally cosmetic yet still performing a purpose, used for rain water collection, keeping the rain off the real roof and therefore the noise, providing storage space for those who just HAVE to hang onto stuff the options go on and on. Close it in or leave it open around the sides for the industrial look.



Off Grid Option

We also have an “Off-Grid” option which comes with a 25,000 ltr water tank, low water toilet, roofs for all the containers with spouting to connect to the tank and solar panels with storage as well as all the low voltage lights etc to make it more efficient. This has come in at 35-40k for a totally off grid option in addition to the base price of the selected units.


Finance Option

Finance options are available requiring a no deposit option to approved purchasers (or up to 20% to others) with the outstanding balance payable over a number of years.


The finance can be used to bridge the funding gap from banks who won’t normally lend until the ReadyHome is installed, then it can be refinanced if required. There is a very simple online application form required for finance approval and this is normally granted within 48hrs.


Alternatively, if you do not require finance our payment policy is 20% non-refundable engagement deposit, 20% on build contract signing, 10% on consent received, 20% on lined, 20% Pre Joinery and final 10% prior to delivery.

Price disclaimer: Prices are subject to change at any time without notice. If you wish to lock in your price then we can do that. Just let us know.



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